Rules, Registration, and How to Get Started.

Rules, FAQ and all SFB related problems should be addressed in here.

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Forum rules
Please read all threads in this area before contacting a MOD/Admin. 95% of issues can be fixed using the posts below.

Rules, Registration, and How to Get Started.

Postby nast0 » Sun Apr 10, 2005 12:15 pm

Board Rules!
1) Don't post anything illegal. Links should be to mainstream, legal sites & files. No children or animals. If in doubt PM a MOD . Any content deemed illegal or against this rules will either get you warned, or an immediate ban.

2) Do not PM requests for files or sites to Moderators or Admins. If you need something or require help, post a topic and wait for the reply.

3) SFB is a free community of open minded individuals. None of the Members, Moderator or Administrators make money from the running of SFB. It is all done in their free time. Please remember this before you go shouting off about "not getting what you wanted" or "nobody answering your request".

4) Please read the sticky posts in each area. They are an invaluable source of information which will prevent you from being banned, and help you find what you need. Not reading them, then putting your foot in your mouth will get you flamed.

5) Idiocy, Hatred, Bad manners & lack of nettiquette will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

6) Links to other password, crack, hack forums and sites are strictly forbidden.

7) User's signatures must not contain affiliate URLs (or any pay per click content)

8 ) Do not share any information, software or links found here on other internet media, if detected it will result in an immediate ban.

Enjoy the board,


If you post a link that should not be clickable you must put no space in front of it. e.g. tar=http://..... or use the code tag's.

Account Activation!
If you do not receive an activation email please follow the procedure below;

1. Check your email again. Search through your junkmail folder, and your spam folder. Yahoo & Hotmail users please take note of this.
2. Check your email inbox is not full/banned/blocked.

Rules for Requests!
1. One must active on the forum prior to posting any request.

2. Should one's request not be filled, one must refrain from complaining. Requests are just that. Thus no replies are guaranteed.


4. Requests older than one month will be deleted by Moderators, whether or not a reply has been posted.

5. One must include the members URL of the site one is requesting. Posts without this are subject to summary deletion.

6. Warez requests are allowed here but moderator discretion will be used.

7. One may NOT "bump" one's own thread. Bumping will NOT accelerate fulfillment. It will, however, expedite deletion!

8. One may only have a MAX of 2 requests per month. (unless there is still an un-fulfilled request outstanding, see rules 2 and 5.)

9. One may not 'coattail' on the request of another. (Do not attach, include, attempt to annex, hijack, or reply with a request for the self same site in an extant request thread. Start a new request)


The SFB Team.

(We reserve the right to allow certain members varying privileges regarding these rules.)

Spamming a forum with loads of "thanks" messages in the space of a few minutes will also get you banned, rather than helping your message count get high enough.

User status!
Active users can be promoted to "contributor".
Contributors have access to a special part of the board where only contributors can post.
Promotion to contributor is a fully manual process done by the admins and mod's.
To become a contributor you must be noticed by the mod's or admins.

To be noticed try the following:
1. Post at least 3 good links to free porn or other interesting websites.
2. Be active and constructive in the ongoing discussions.
3. Recommendation by an other contributor.

Community Information!
How to Contribute to the Community:
1. Contribute your expertise. What do you do well? How can you help other members?
2. Contribute your personality. Join the discussions and let us know what you think.
3. Contribute some cash. Donations are always appreciated. (and we have no idea how to do this)
4. Help organize the board. Review others work and help us find the gems hidden on the board.
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