I see a blank screen when i try to login...

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I see a blank screen when i try to login...

Postby nast0 » Tue Mar 06, 2007 10:17 pm

Why is it happening?
One of the following things has happened;

1) Your account has been deactivated
2) Your account has been blocked
3) Your account has been banned
4) Your account has been flagged as a leecher/non-contributor
5) your account has been marked as spammer

for one of these reasons;

1) Your have been a member for a long time, with very few posts (probably 0)

-There is no way to undo it, if you wish to become a member again, re-register with a new name/email. Then contribute, say thankyou, post, or you will be removed again.

2) you have been spamming or other bad things and we blocked your account and your IP.

-There is no way to undo it, goodbye

All issues of this nature are done directly, in person, by the SFB admin team. Not the pruning script, so don't blame our server.

The SFB Team

Please read fully these 2 threads before doing anything else...
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